Monday, December 7, 2009

I am a farmer, a cook, a gangster and a micro-blogger

Well, thanx to the social networking sites...I had become too busy some time back...busy, when I might have sat idle letting the devil get busier in his workshop..

As i was saying, i was busy enough not to have time to spent on phone, not to have time to chat, or to even blog. thanks to facebook and twitter...I almost had changed my profession and became a micro-blogger, don, a cook and a farmer...much of my time was taken up by giving news updates(within 140 characters), cooking, farming and killing and looting people, looting banks and robbing pimps. I became the owner of several Italian restaurants, farm houses and a gang of mafia to help me kill others.I owned a farm where I cultivated different crops, fruits and vegetable. i enjoyed being a constant source of news, more so after stated myself a communicator... i was the most violent person and at the same time kind soul to adopt stray cats, cows and sheep who lost their ways...i would also do some cleaning job at my neighbour's farms...And trust mee i dont know half of the people who are my neighbours.. they are there only because they help mee earn points and climb up the levels of the game...more so in case of my mafia gang...of the 30 odd people in my gang i guess i know 7 of them... :P

If not for anything else, I heartily thank Facebook and Twitter for turning us into a race of farmers, restaurant owners, dons and micro-bloggers. Now in case you have a raised eyebrow and are wondering how I managed to put in some time for my blog after such a long time, I’d like to inform you that the reason is not that my pumpkins, cotton, and watermelons will take some time to be ripe for harvest or my energy needs to be refilled before I am able to loot more banks or there is no news update to be tweeted... but more so because I thought, I might as well put down my thoughts on this page.


Mitesh Ashar said...
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Mitesh Ashar said...

Well well.. The fantasy-quencher that Social Networks have become, ain't it?? :D

I know so many friends who shuffle around various MMORPGs fulfilling their fantasies!!
Well, it looks like something thats really being taken on by the world :)

da anonymous thinker said...

Congratz on your great achievement but buddy i have walked down the same road and also done almost every thing you did and after 1.5 years i realized that how much time this things kills and it hampered my life a lot, yet if u manage to accomplish all your responsibilities and works and still find some time for these things then its fine but otherwise it will definately damage you and your lifestyle.......remember excessiveness of anything is never